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Clearwater Rod and Reel Outfit

$310.00 - $395.00

20% off the $475.00 Retail Price
Clearwater 908-4 Fly Rod
Clearwater LA IV Reel - Black
Hydros Saltwater All Rounder - 8 wt
200 yards of 20lb Dacron backing
Cordura rod tube

If you had to buy one highly capable, yet extremely affordable, big-game rod to cover saltwater, salmon, and steelhead, the Clearwater 908-4 would be your best bet. Strong and responsive, and created with both fresh- and saltwater anglers in mind, it is adaptable to any number of situations, from snook and redfish to largemouth and coho. With a reasonable price, and a performance equal to that of rods twice as much, the Clearwater 908-4 is an inexpensive and practical way to venture into a new fishing arena. Saltwater reel seat with cork-and-EVA foam fighting butt. The Bay Street Outfitters Clearwater outfit comes upgraded with a Hydros Saltwater All Rounder line for a fraction of the retail price!