The time is here that we felt like we needed to create a new website that would be of better service to our clients.  Easier to navigate, more informative, and a place to get the things online that one might need to get outfitter for a trip but can't make it into the outfitter.  We have given lots of thought to making sure this site in a good addition to the outfitter but also to make sure that we can continue to grow the site to taylor it to the needs of our clients over time.  
We have teamed up with a company called PageTree to make this new website happen and we couldn't be happier with the partnership we now have with them and look forward to building on in the future.
We would love to hear your feedback on the new site, please send that feed back straight to me at,, as well as any other feedback on our outfitter or the use of items you got from us.  
You will also notice on the front page that we have included a feed of any photos that are tagged, #baystreetoutfitters, on instagram to show up there.  Many of our clients and our guides already use this for fish they catch or flys they tied with materials from here.  We hope it becomes a place for people to post many of there outdoor activities here in Beaufort on even on their travels to other places to do some fly fishing.  
We certainly appreciate all that our clients do for the outfitter and hope that this addition is an exciting part our business not just to us but to our clients as well.  
-Capt. Tuck