Fly Casting from ‘A to Z’
Presented by 
Port Royal Sound Foundation
& Bay Street Outfitters

A 5-Week Fly Casting Program is Coming to the Low Country!
Fly casting lessons will begin at 9:30 AM at Callawassee Island Club starting Saturday, February 6th, and will continue for five (5) consecutive weekends.
Peter Lami, FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, will demonstrate and teach you how to improve your basic overhead cast based on Gammel’s ‘5 Essentials’ of fly casting. 
The program will quickly move ahead to intermediate casting skills such as 1.) Loop Size Control; 2.) Tailing Loops; 3.) Roll Cast; 4.) Switch Cast; 5.) Reach Cast; 6.) Pile Cast 7.) Casting in the Wind; 8.) Wiggle Cast; and 9.) Saltwater Quick Cast. 
Then, the group will be introduced to some advanced skills such as 1.) Efficient Double Hauling; 2.) Distance Casting; 3.) Re-positioning the fly line from a Downstream Position to an Upstream Position w/o False Casting; 4.) Curve Cast; 4.) Snake Roll Cast; 5.) Snap-T; and finally 6.) Single-, and Double Spey Casting.
Register at  Or, callChris Kehrer, PRSF Program Director and Naturalist, at TEL (843) 645-7774.
A donation of $25 to the PRSF will get you enrolled.  Class size is limited.
If you have and further questions, contact Tony Royalat Bay Street Outfitters TEL (843) 524-5250.